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Your Source for Custom Fencing in Orlando, FL

When you’re looking for a particular fence design for your property, Hernandez Fence has you covered. As a proud provider of custom fencing in Orlando, FL, we offer a wide range of options to suit the needs of any property including ones with playgrounds and tennis courts.


Some of the most popular fencing styles available are wood, PVC, and aluminum, each with their own unique advantages. Wood is an affordable option that maintains a classic look. PVC and vinyl fences can be made to resemble wood and last significantly longer. Aluminum fences are typically built with bars or in a chain link style for maximum strength. No matter your choice, our team handles the design and installation of your new fence with ease.

Discuss Your Fencing Needs with Us

No two properties are alike, which means every property has different fencing needs. We have extensive experience working with property owners to design their ideal fence, including playground fences and tennis court fences.

Children are precious, so it’s crucial that every aspect of a playground is designed with their safety in mind. We design fences that establish clear boundaries while allowing the children to be easily monitored by their parents and guardians. Likewise, our fences for playgrounds are designed to minimize injuries should an adventurous child climb upon it.

Tennis court fencing must address the physical demands of the sports as well as safety concerns. Our fences are made to prevent any errant balls from striking passersby or nearby vehicles while also allowing onlookers to watch the game.

Reach out to Hernandez Fence to discuss the specific needs of your property and begin creating your custom fence. We proudly serve Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding area.